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About Us

Our Vision

To create opportunities where people can find and discover Tongan Koloa in a more secure, reliable and convenient way.

Our Mission

To provide an accessible safe and secured web-based store for people to find all things Tongan and their symbolic meaning.

Our Story

We often attend occasions where we see a lot of our Tongan Koloa gifted to high ranks, exchanged for approvals or even presented to show gratitude. We often think of the 'hassle' we go through for such occasions to take place. The hassle of making the Koloa, the hassle of importing them and the hassle of presenting them in a traditional manner.

After a mild research and friendly approaches, we learnt that the symbol of each occasion, the significance of the Koloa and the unique interpretation of their designs are all worth the 'hassle'.

Being proud Tongans, we designed a way to make the process easy for everyone. - BuyTonga was Created.

Now we have Tongan Koloa for a variety of different occasions and a Blog for everyone to explore the Kupesi and Designs and what they symbolize.

Find what you like, buy it when you want and we will have it ready for you to present. See? Its 'hassle-free'.

Our Commitment

The Things We Do for You:

  • Keep the web based community 100% secure and all personal information strictly confidential.
  • All deliveries are tracked and traced to ensure they reached their destination.
  • Our products are accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime.
  • On alert for new trends and fashion within our Tongan Community
  • Provide you with our latest promotions and discounts.
  • Relevant size comparisons of our products to give a fair idea of size.
  • No false display of quality, What You See Is What You Get.


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